Manifesting Your Purpose with Saria Hawkins-Banda

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I first met Saria at a pop-up for local small businesses. She was almost 9 months pregnant carrying her baby boy and running her dope stationery business, which is “unapologetically for black women” at the same damn time. I knew we would click. My daughter, Emory chose to spend her allowance on a journal sprinkled with black girl magic on the cover and a fabulous pen. Saria displayed exceptional customer service and our products were of great quality. That was just the beginning of my experience with Manifest Your Purpose and its CEO, Saria Hawkins-Banda. 

It’s not often during a coffee date, you hear “I was raised on a farm with cows, pigs, and goats. I know good meat, I pride myself on it.” This was after we sampled the fried chicken biscuit and the bacon, egg, and cheese bacon biscuit at Soiree Coffee Bar which is to die for. Saria had come to the Dallas-Forth Area on a dual athletic and academic scholarship to attend Texas Christian University. She threw the shot put, crossed Delta Sigma Theta, and met her now husband during her undergraduate years. One thing about Saria is that she is both black and brilliant. She has traveled to over 60 countries and counting! Before launching her company in 2020, she cultivated a career in higher education and project management. She had checked all the boxes – obtaining a master’s and enrolling in a Ph.D. program. However, she still didn’t believe she was fulfilling her God-given purpose.

Her friends have always known Saria as the ultimate organizer and planner. As only fate would have it, God placed on her heart to expand her vision board parties to more women. After being obedient and planning a vision board party for over 50 women, God gave her clear instructions on the next step. Saria set out to create a company that specializes in chic stationery and office supplies dripped in beautiful black women’s artistry. Her obedience and hard work, have landed her in rooms with executives from Goldman Sachs, Essence, and Target. It is very clear, she is just getting started.

Saria has a passion for inspiring women to be their best selves and she is living proof that you can achieve success in your own right. She is very candid about how faith, a relentless prayer life, and her ride-or-die MYP community help to make her successful. Her hope is to continue to empower and encourage more women to take the leap of faith and pursue their passions.

In our upcoming podcast episode, Saria shares some of her secrets to being an entrepreneur and how women can use planning tools to reach their goals.

Styling Saria was flat-out fun! Saria’s body type is curvy and coupled with her fiery personality, I knew I wanted to mirror that energy. Be sure to check out her company


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