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Jennifer James for The BrownStone Experience photographed by Calvin Hobson


When I first met Jennifer, through her husband who played college football with my husband, I just knew she was my cup of tea. Her energy was assertive, unapologetic, and ambitious. Since that day in 2018, all of the above remains true.


We connect on many levels – being mothers of young children, semi-seasoned wives, and business professionals with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve been blessed to witness Jennifer’s epic alignment with her purpose to turn viable product-based businesses into multi-million dollar ventures.

Today, Jennifer is the Managing Partner of a private equity and consulting firm currently managing a diversified portfolio worth over $1B consisting of science and technology for smart city development, construction, product supply chain, and logistics companies.

As you know, I am focused on the conversation about pouring more capital into black women-owned businesses, supporting and scaling them to be vehicles of generational wealth. Jennifer’s expertise in private equity, her regal energy, and authentic nature are just what we need to shore up our outlook on this topic. My hope is that the entrepreneurs within our community learn how to prepare to ask for capital for your endeavor. In our conversation, on the couch we discuss all things marriage, motherhood, and finding your superpower.

Episode 7 – At the Table – Brick by Brick, a podcast by The BrownStone Experience


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Our time on set was a good one, much like our girlfriend check-ins with a cocktail. Check out our conversation on things womanhood, business, and self-care.

Episode 7 – Brick by Brick, a podcast by The BrownStone Experience


Welcome to the New TBE Site!

The BrownStone Experience has always been committed to being more than just a boutique or an online magazine; it’s a movement, a community-driven platform that seeks to create positive change for professional black women. With the launch of our new site, my intention is to amplify our impact, reach wider audiences, and foster meaningful connections.

It’s bigger than black & white featuring entrepreneur and attorney, Moshae Donald

Unveiling Moshae: The Heart of Justice Beats Louder Than Ever

In the beautiful city of Mobile, Alabama, where the echoes of history resonate through moss-draped trees and storied plantation homes, we find a trailblazing legal luminary whose impact on the community transcends the boundaries of the courtroom. Moshae, an advocate for justice and change, embraces the rich cultural tapestry of her hometown while striving to create a brighter future for its residents. I am so honored to introduce Moshae Donald as our July-August cover of The Brownstone Experience. Moshae Donald is a 37-year-old attorney from Mobile, AL, a mother of a 12-year-old son, former elementary school teacher, and upcoming bride. She shares her journey and passion for the legal field, especially advocating for children.


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Our April 2023 Cover Story with Jennifer James.